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oom 102: A* sits pretending to be nervous – not too on edge but slightly lacking in confidence so he appeals to others not to harm him. He waits patiently, with kindly understanding as to why they are not bang on time, swaps his green chair with a grey chair – the decor matches the trees the concrete through the window though outside is a pale version.
Next, typically, is A^. A^ is careful not to be too first, too last, too anything and it`s strange how such a simple intention can be successful – but when the doors close, one minute she is loud and domineering, the next like a fish she hangs back silently having forgotten what was said. Sometimes A+ gets in second. Never first – well anyway, he`s in and he slides in then startles as does a star who`s rehearsed the spotlight suddenly shining on him. And of course, last, A~. He has to be last. Young and cool. Waited for. Wanted. But he pretends he doesn`t know he`s acting. I`ve never seen his cards but all this time I`ve known him he raises bets and doesn`t even sit with a smug look on his face.
The meeting opens. Cups of coffee get passed on the round table. White thin paper from cardboard folders make papery sounds, lap tops spring open and are poked poke poke poked, while there is talk of fonts, concepts and vitrines.
Outside the grey wind swishes the tops of trees around the sky and loose leaves swirl in circles on the concrete bridge connecting
Building A to Building D. The fire escape is a long stair behind another door in Room 102 and you`d come out underneath the bridge then you could hide in the forest. Later jump over the wall.
Once when A~ became aggressive either before or after A^ started pacing – A+ had his hand on his gun in his pocket – and that`s something that was worrying: what was A* doing? Number 5 – who was recently poisoned and retired to the farm on the black mountain suggested he started it. But then, Number 5 suggested Number 4 started it as well and he was killed but it looked like suicide.
Then! A vile stink crept into the room, tinging the air with brown dust that stung their eyes. A+ and A~ gasped and were instantly vapourized, but the other two instinctively held their hands over their faces and ran out…down the emergency stairs and into the cold fresh air.
Which is why this is the last issue of VOID.

Download Void magazine here voidissue2

void requires adobe acrobat if you don’t have it you can get it here http://www.adobecrobat.info/uk/

in order of appearance:
Rikki B;ythe
Kerri Moore
Caryll Dawber
Ferguson Matthews (1)
Marilyn Bradshaw (2)
Ferguson Matthews (3)
Matthew Henderson (4)
Katherine Spedding
Barbara Grace (1)
Paul Thompson (2)
Neida Pearson (3)
Jennie Brennan
Lynda Clarke
Rikki Blythe
James A. Hutchinson


Rikki Blythe


Joel Biroco